I have been training celebrants through my business  – The Celebrants Training College – which is now called Life Skills Training since 2003.  So if you are interested in finding out about my work in this field please go to my training website.

I train in many facets of celebrancy – Weddings, Funerals, General and any other training relevant to the work of a celebrant. I also train celebrants after they become Authorised in  their Ongoing Professional Development

I offer refresher courses, or a course in small business and advertising or how to use their computer to their full advantage etc. My passion is my face to face courses in Funeral Celebrancy – where I can teach you how to be a very good funeral celebrant. Another wonderful course is the weekend retreat full of ceremonies other than weddings called “Ceremonies of life”. Dates for all our upcoming courses are available on the website.

For Wedding, Funeral and General Celebrant Training
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We are dedicated to raising the level of professionalism in our industry. With our ongoing support through training and mentoring, you can create a successful business, acquire dynamic skills and become more attractive to prospective clients. Most importantly, you will be confident in your own ability to create outstanding ceremonies to delight your clients.

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I cannot believe our amazing weekend is already over, I was so absolutely riveted to every word everyone had to share that the whole weekend just slipped away. Your insight, professionalism and compassionate approach to everyone in your life is something I constantly admire in you and I feel so privileged that I have someone so amazing to learn from and share with. I could never have imagined leaving such a course so uplifted about a topic such as funerals. We really do have some amazing celebrants in Victoria and I feel humbled to have been able to share their stories. thanks again
– Monique

I would like to tell you how much I enjoyed the Funeral Course weekend – it was fantastic. You are truly a professional and I would like to take a leaf out of your book and aspire to be the best I can be in my celebrancy work.
– Isabella

Just a short note to say how much I appreciated your two day funeral course this weekend. As usual your personal experience has been been valued by me because it has added the quality to the theory! I have great admiration for your professional presentation based on such a vast number of dedicated years. What impresses me is the high standard of excellence in all you do — and you share it! Best wishes for your personal and professional life!
– Gordon

My very sincere thanks and congratulations. Today’s OPD was superb. Your presentation was, as usual, just superb. ….and you shared your knowledge and experiences so freely. I already am looking forward to 2010.
– Terry (Melb)

Just wanted to say thanks for Sundays OPD. It was my first one I enjoyed it and it was a great refresher as I am a new kid on the block. Your passion as a celebrant was an inspiration. Thanks again.
– Tina

Thank you so much for a very inspiring and professional training day yesterday. I am so impressed by your skills, patience, tolerance and enthusiasm! I wouldn’t go elsewhere for any PD other than with you.
I have now read your book with interest and again I’m so impressed by your skills. I feel as I’m reading the text I can hear your voice saying the words. It is very user-friendly and so beneficial to refer to. I can see a lot of valuable experience coming through the content.
– Barbara

I had the best weekend, and suffered withdrawal this morning when I had to go to work. I must say, you are an excellent teacher. I was never bored, the time went so swiftly and I believe that the weekend was truly great value for money. Congratulations!
– Lydia ( Weekend retreat)

Sally, your knowledge of ceremony is fantastic. You are an inspiration and a very positive influence for me. You are so generous with your experiences and knowledge of this area and I admire you for the exceptional way in which you share this with your students. You empower people to feel they can achieve and you give them the tools to do so.
– Debbie (Ceremonies of Life)

You are indeed a wonderful teacher – generous with your time, enthusiastic, knowledgeable, thorough and well -prepared in your teaching. You are so willing to share your knowledge and support others in their quest to learn. I feel very fortunate that I have you as a teacher. Thank you!
– Lynne – (Funeral Module IV)

I want to tell you how much I am enjoying the course, I love your style of presentation and the passion you reflect in your teaching.
– John

It was another great night last night. I feel privileged to have participated in your course under your tuition and with such high calibre people. The last 2 nights have been so impressive with the creativity in the ceremonies, the professional standard of presentation and most inspiring to me is the bravery and trust of particular people in the group to present such personal and moving ceremonies. Both in your marriage celebration course at Swinburne and the Celebrations of Life at Camberwell, I feel I have grown so much that influences many other aspects of my life. The way in which you share your experiences and commit to ensuring that each participant is equipped with the ability to research the background and gather the tools to prepare a presentation, your skill in building each persons confidence and supporting their individual growth is very impressive. The level of presentation reached by the students and the competence in preparing those presentations only comes with the very best of teaching, tutoring, experience and warmth of the teacher. I am most appreciative to have been part of your class. Thank you.
– Lynette