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Sally is a published author, a celebrant, an educator and the list goes on….. Her first book – The Heart and Soul of Celebrancy has been available since 2009. Her second book titled Conversations About Death is now available. I am very proud of this book and hope it will make a difference to how people manage the conversation about Death and understand they have lots of choices around end of life care and lots of choices about what can happen after a death.

‘Conversations About Death’ amongst other things will talk about how to sit with someone who’s dying and feel comfortable listening to them talk to you about how they feel. It also covers elements like; Relationships and Connections, Understanding your ‘rights, choices and the law’ around death and dying, Difficult Deaths, Greener options, Understanding Grief, Coping with the immediate needs, Celebrating or Honouring, Changing landscapes of the Funeral, DIY Funeral, Writing “Their” story, Creating a Ritual, Speaking at the funeral, What Next – Managing and Adjusting, and Living the Legacy.

Please go to for more information. My new book is available as a soft cover printed book and an e-book.

conversations about death


‘A WORLD FIRST’ – a how to guide for Celebrants around the globe over 5000 copies sold – into 7 countries – Aust, NZ, UK, USA, France, Canada and Germany. It is used as a text book by many educators around the world in this industry – and is a required text for most of the students studying to be Celebrants.

This book is the result of the first fourteen years experience as one of Australia’s leading civil celebrants and trainers. It contains a wealth of information that is immediately useful for practising celebrants and for those planning or studying to be a celebrant.

Ceremony has the capacity to unify and heal. Being a successful celebrant requires having a rare blend of business sense, professionalism and a genuine emotional bond with those needing your services. Sally shows with insight, compassion and a business like approach, how to develop these qualities. Sally offers very specific, practical, step-by- step examples of how to conduct weddings, funerals and other ceremonies. She also gives of her own warmth and love of working with people at those times in life when they want to celebrate a special occasion.

Every Celebrant needs to read this book, learn from it and appreciate all that it offers. It’s easy to read and refer to and full of excellent advice, written by a consummate practitioner, celebrant and teacher. Thank you Sally for this truly wonderful gift to the very special profession of celebrancy.
Wendy Kirke (Darwin) – A practising celebrant for over 25 years

“Sally’s generous heart and her passion for her work shine throughout this book”.
Catie Wood JP – Civil Celebrant since 1995

Sally Cant has produced a delightful book on contemporary civil celebrancy based on her very extensive experience in Australia. It is a wonderful ‘nuts and bolts’ book for those wishing to be celebrants with heartfelt professional excellence! Sally highlights the need for authentic and original ceremonies that reflect the life,values and meanings of those involved. This is an important book for all those around the world involved in civil celebrancy.
Mary Hancock – The Celebrant School New Zealand.

I received your “pot of gold” in the mail and was extremely excited to get my hands on it….I have called your publication “A Pot of Gold” because it contains a “Wealth” of information and so timely on the scene……..A huge “Thank You” to you Sally, for sharing your considerable knowledge and experience gained over 14 years of Celebrancy you are such a generous and caring instructor a person who lives and breathes celebrancy with a passion and a fire gained through experience and a joyous love and belief in/ for your work. I believe that part of my success as a celebrant I contribute to you and your teaching, friendship, openness and your willingness to ensure/uphold professional standards of the highest levels…..Your book is “Your Heart and Soul” Sally……
Bobbie Symons – Tyres – Victoria

The Heart and Soul of Celebrancy is an excellent publication by a very experienced and professional celebrant. Sally has compiled a book which any practising celebrant, member of the public and intending celebrant should have in their libraries as a reference. Its content covers a wide range of topics for all celebrants, is an easy read and incorporates the wide ranging experience and empathy of a committed professional celebrant. I recommend Sally’s book as a must for all those interested in celebrancy as it includes all the professional aspects of being a celebrant and congratulate her on the lively publication.
Barry Densley, Civil Celebrant since 1990
Honorary Life Member of the Australian Federation of Civil Celebrants.

As Celebrants we have a responsibility to tell a story, to get it right and do it well; we also need to connect with an audience, apply our skills in a professional way; adhere to statutory requirements and at the same time do just what our clients have asked us to do! It’s a responsibility that so often requires having access to credible resources that are inspiring, interesting, creative and informative Sally’s book ‘The Heart and Soul of Celebrancy’ is most certainly that resource. Sally had offered wonderful material in this book that will guide, assist and inspire. I recommend this book for anyone with the responsibilities of celebrancy – thank you Sally and well done!’
Jill Harper – (Hobart) Civil Celebrant

Sally has captured the elements of professional Celebrancy in one comprehensive and valuable resource. This book will not only assist you in developing your skill and business as a practising Celebrant, it will also quietly challenge you to continually raise your own personal standards of service delivery to, and for your prospective clients.
Caroline Vaughan- (Blackbutt NSW) Civil Celebrant