Renewal of Vows

This ceremony is for any married couple that wish to celebrate renewing their marriage vows in a unique and personal ceremony. It is also called re-affirmation or renewal of vows.

Often these ceremonies are associated with a special wedding anniversary, but the ceremony is just as appropriate for couples at any stage of marriage. It is sometimes particularly relevant to those who have been through a period which put a strain on their relationship, but who wish to celebrate their renewed commitment to each other. Or where you were not able to have the ceremony of your choice on your wedding day.

Any married couple, of any age, and married for any length of time, can arrange a Renewal of Marriage Vows Ceremony. The ceremony is put together by me after meeting and chatting with you! Just as no two married couples are the same, no two ceremonies to renew marriage vows will ever be the same. As you go through the choices and select what you want the ceremony to contain, you will be creating a unique event that you and all your guests will remember. Take time to consider which options are appropriate and have meaning for you both.

My fee for a renewal of vows is $550.00

Special people in your lives can take part in your ceremony, your children, guests who were at the wedding and any friends and relatives. You may want to ask two people to witness the signing of the Certificate of the event. These ceremonies have no legal effect, and are not legally binding on those who participate.

Here is a sample ceremony

(Please do not reproduce these words without written consent – they are the words from a real ceremony)

Welcome everyone my name is Sally Cant and I am a civil celebrant and I am extremely pleased to be here with my friends Sally and Craig on this very important occasion.
We are here today to witness their re-affirmation of marriage vows, to surround them with our love and to continue to share in their joy. Sally and Craig decided that they wanted to publicly express their continued love for one another on this their 7th Anniversary. They were married on 2nd February back in 1996.

Much has happened since that day – their journey has not always been smooth sailing, as we all know. They have managed to work through many critical issues together and their bond still holds strong. This is an indication of their ability to be understanding of each other and the utmost respect they have for each other as individuals. They have wonderful memories of their travels and the building of their home. They have watched each other grow in many ways.

(we then talked about thir journey so far – and some of the critical events during their marriaged life – eg travel, children, renovations etc)

Marriage is a vision of life together in which two people live in a unity of body, mind and soul. It is a relationship in which neither takes life from the other but in love and grace new life is formed between which is deeper and more creative than each living alone. The love that is born there may lead to the creation of new life in children and a safe place for their learning and growing. Or it may simply enlarge the life of each and emerge as creativity in the love which gathers around them and between them, spreading out into the life of the community. In marriage two people dare to make the commitment to love each other for the rest of their lives. They do this not because they believe that it will be easy but as a grand hope which they share. Love is not predictable- love lives in the unknown. It is a risky thing taking a partner. You need to find love, receive love and express love by freely giving of one’s self, knowing that there are no guarantees. Love is a risk. To take on a partner one needs to recognise that there are better things in store for them that they might imagine on their own. One of the dangers facing a married couple is the taking of each other for granted, of not appreciating each other enough. So they want to stay aware of each other. They know they must communicate with each other and be open to communicate.

The relationship must be sustained by the will to express it – the loving word, the loving smile, the loving embrace, the loving favour, the giving with graciousness and generosity. They know not to take without giving, give without taking. A true lover knows what the demands of love sometimes cost the partner so they will be sensitive, to be appreciative. Sally and Craig have been able to assess that their marriage is for life. They want it to last, they intend it to last, they will it to last. But more than that they want their marriage to get better.

Reading Love is an attitude
Every day you live learn how to love
Take time with each other restore each other’s soul with loving words
Receive love with as much understanding as you give it.
Find that which is within yourselves then you can share it with each other.
Do not fear this love keep an open heart and sincere mind
Be sincerely interested in each other’s happiness be constant and consistent in your love and in your actions.
From this as you know comes security and strength.
All that we love deeply becomes a part of us


Sally, when I first asked you to marry me I felt blessed to have found someone so caring, warm and giving, and someone I trust entirely.
Over the past 7 years my love for you has grown, as you’ve shared more of your self your insights, your affection and your jokes!
You have also been enormously supportive in encouraging me to appreciate more of myself.
I have never taken these gifts for granted, but rather to appreciate one thing about you each day.
I vow to continue to support and comfort you in difficult times and to joyously recognise your triumphs.
Because I really enjoy our life together, I also promise to not let the sense of fun and adventure in our lives diminish, just because we’ve been married for a while.
I am still excited about our future together. I look forward to being father of our children. I look forward to growing old together singing lullabies to you in your rocking chair, as you knit beanies for the grandkids.

Craig, your love is a gift that has sustained and nurtured me these past seven years.
You are my greatest friend and playmate, you make me laugh, comfort me when I’m sad, laugh at my jokes and stories, and allow space for me to be myself.
With you, I experience moments of enjoyable silence and shared connection.
I respect the gentle and humble way you journey through life.
Your kindness, your appreciation of beauty, and your capacity for embracing change and transformation.
I still look forward with great excitement to our future.
A union based on trust and friendship, shared passion and creativity, and a willingness to confront the challenges that will continue to arise.
Today I vow to continue to listen to you with openness and honesty, to comfort you when you are down, to allow you the space to grow as an individual, and to support you to be the very best you can be. I will continue to love you with joy and courage, tenderness and passion, through the years to come.


Craig please continue to wear this ring that I gave you 7 years ago as a sign of our continued love.
Sally please continue to wear this ring that I gave you 7 years ago as a sign of our continued love.


A relationship links two people together. Eash person is unique and different so the mode and style of this linking varies.
But whether it is friendship or love, the two people side by side, find and achieve so much together, which one of them cannot find or achieve alone.
In a relationship the lover recognises the talent and the beauty of the other.
They should tell the other of it when they see it.
In a relationship, if you accept the sunshine and warmth, you must also be prepared to accept the overcast and the cool.
Among intelligent people the surest basis for the relationship of marriage is friendship the sharing of real interests the ability to work through issues together to work towards common goals, and to understand and share each others thoughts and dreams.

Ladies and Gentlemen: this is a very special occasion the fact that you have been invited to witness this re-affirmation of love between Sally and Craig tells me that each one of you have a very special part to play in their lives. We are all here today to recognise a love which has lasted many tests.
We are here today to acknowledge the depth of the relationship between Sally and Craig.
This ceremony will strengthen the commitment between you both.
Love today is an act of recognition and determination, a commitment to live on in a rich and vivid tapestry of life together.