Funeral Services

It is an honour to be a part of the celebration of a loved one and hopefully make a difference, I want families to be educated in their choices and celebrate the life of their loved one in any manner they wish, and I’m here to assist in the facilitation of that process. I have been working alongside families and conducting funerals for over 24 years and find the work very rewarding and humbling. I enjoy my role as a family advocate in this industry, ensuring that families are aware of their rights, choices and the law.funeral2

If you require independent advice on anything to do with death and dying, please call me first and allow me to assist you – 0408691405. I will assist you to understand your choices, your rights and the law pertaining to funerals in a language that you can understand.

I am an accomplished public speaker – and have been engaged to speak at some very large weddings, funerals and conferences with over 1500 people attending single functions. However, I am equally as confident in smaller gatherings.

I work as a ‘Death Care Advocate’ for anyone wanting professional advise about death and dying – and am happy to project manage a celebration of life for you.

My second book titled Conversations About Death – is available now.
It’s also available as an e-book from Amazon.

‘Conversations About Death’ amongst other things will talk about how to sit with someone who’s dying and feel comfortable listening to them talk to you about how they feel. It also covers elements like; Rights, Choices and the Law pertaining to death and dying, Relationships and Connections, Living Wakes, Death of a Loved One, Difficult Deaths, Understanding Grief, Coping with the immediate needs, Celebrating or Honouring, Changing landscapes of the Funeral, DIY Funeral, Writing “Their” story, Creating a Ritual, Speaking at the funeral, What Next – Managing and Adjusting, and Living the Legacy.

There have been many high profile ceremonies that I have conducted.

CAMERON BROWN – Cameron was brought back to Melbourne via crowd funding and his journey was well documented by the media.

RICHARD AND CAROL GREEN – I project managed the entire process for the family.


I was very honoured to lead the funeral services for this inspiring young man. We had nearly 500 at the main public ceremony at St Kilda Town Hall, followed by a private family service at Brighton, then the burial. What an amazing tribute. After the main ceremony about 200 fellow skateboarders et al formed a guard of honour as we recessed out of the Town Hall – what an amazing tribute to pay to their friend. As we processed past they bowed their heads and skateboards and tapped them on the ground – that image will stay with me forever.

Leah Monro is the author of The Do-it-yourself Funeral Book. Leah’s husband died coming home from work. There are many stories like this one: “I didn’t get the funeral that represented his life,” she says. “All I got was a big bill.”

I personally think it’s time we gave grieving people time to think about their decision for a funeral – and ensure they are given time to consider options to ensure the funeral does represent the life of their loved one without costing them a fortune. Public education is so important in this industry. It is not acceptable to condition people to think they have to do things in a particular way – and for it to cost a certain amount of money. Funerals are for honouring a loved one in an authentic manner appropriate for each person. If you are looking at ways to celebrate in an environmentally friendly way please go to Green Funerals.

What a difficult time this can be for everyone involved. I can help you work through this process with the least amount of stress and worry. In short, writing a funeral service is too important to leave to just anyone, especially in a time of stress and grief. A professional celebrant can ensure your loved one’s life is celebrated with dignity and compassion. A funeral service should be very personal and should give meaning to their life. People are becoming much more conscious of having the funeral service that you want, not what someone may think you should have. Working with the relatives of a deceased is so important to ensure the ceremony is indicative of the life of the person. It should always be authentic. As people start to witness ceremonies of real substance they are beginning to understand and become aware of what is possible in a ceremony. With the help of family and friends I can create a service that is appropriate for this person. If prepared professionally a funeral service can help in some way to alleviate pain and suffering. I am available to you immediately and will work with you as soon as it is convenient to you. A read back will be done with you prior to the service to ensure I have captured the elements you wish covered.

So that prompts the BIG question: Why use a FUNERAL DIRECTOR?

There is no legal requirement to use a funeral director. So why not think about how you could handle this yourself. There are many options available to you and your family – with a little planning and the assistance of others (a good celebrant or friend) you could handle most of it yourself.
You do not need to make the booking through a funeral home, you can call me directly and I can assist you to find a appropriate Funeral Director. I can assist you as your personal advocate ensuring that you are informed of your rights, choices and the law.

I am able to help and support you in a time that can be very daunting, sad and a time that is filled with many memories.

In many situations I have been asked by people to help them create their own eulogy and tell their story. I can assist you in creating a history of your life events and thoughts about certain aspects of your life. Call me on 0408691405 if I can assist you in documenting your life.

If you would like me to recommend a Funeral Director for you, please call and I can assist – 0408 691 405.